Firearms Training in Huntington Beach: What Makes us different?

Train like a champion COMPETENCE


 Shooting like an International Champion is easy.  Almost anyone can hit a bull's eye (if no one is counting the number of tries it took).  The hard part is consistency.  We offer EXERCISES (not lessons) so you discover what works (even accidentally). Shooting well is simply getting it right over and over - when hitting your target counts! 

Do it right - every time CONFIDENCE


 Our students learn by doing.  No lectures!  No "Death by PowerPoint."  We've developed proprietary training exercises (not lessons) that are designed so you discover what works.  For example - instead of talking about trigger squeeze, we created an exercise so you can see for yourself, in about 30 seconds, what works and what doesn't.  We teach by asking a lot of questions - "Why do you think ...?"  We use sophisticated motor learning techniques, including laser assisted shot reporter software with laser training pistols, so you are "shooting" before we even go to the range. On the range, we have state-of-the-art video software ("Coach's Eye") for motor skill analysis.  When you have success, you'll see why.  We (almost) never talk about mistakes.  We look for what you do right and motivate you to keep it up.  We minimize distractions, including feelings of self-doubt, and break complicated skills into simple elements.  Then we coach you to enjoy success one step at a time.  Typically our beginner shooters do better with their first few shots than folks who have been shooting for years.  We've also helped expert shooters become distinguished experts - that means almost every shot is a "10."    

Practice doesn't make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  You can't learn from your mistakes when your life depends on how well you shoot.  You can't afford to make mistakes! That's what makes firearms training in Huntington Beach distinctive.

What are our customers say: SAFE & FUN


 "I've been a gun dealer, instructor and collector since 1968, there aren't many guys I trust or respect more than Roger.  Do not hesitate to book a class with him, you'll thank me later."  Raymond H.

"It's not possible for me to state with words, just how awesome his school is. I learned more in three days with Roger than I could have hoped for in a lifetime. I will return for more classes and I will drive from San Diego without any complaint.  Thank you Roger, for a life changing experience!!! "  Mark H.

 "I have taken two courses from Basic Gun Safety, Inc., and will continue to drive the 300+ miles from the Central Coast down to Huntington Beach to learn from Roger and his crew.  The learning environment is supportive and wonderful for any and ALL levels of gun handling experience and Roger's patience and knowledge works well for female students as well as male students.  You will learn a ton in a short amount of time and will walk away with the confidence that you know safe gun handling and could teach it yourself if you needed to!"  Donna L.

 "The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't imagine having anyone better. I wish I had professors in college like this. Simply amazing, and exceeded my expectations in all regards."  Ike U.

Law Enforcement Training


Private coaching for Police Academy cadets through Department training officers. 

I ONLY focus on what WORKS!



I had a chance to spend an entire day with Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll when he was still at USC.  It started with breakfast and ended long after dinner.  I learned plenty.  I also came away more confident about a few things I already knew.  One was about positive motivation.  All of us have had experience with "military-style" yelling and screaming about how we screwed-up.  Many had high-school or college coaches who did that.  Some had impressive win-loss records, published books on leadership, and made a lot of money giving speeches - but I always thought they were wrong.  Apparently, so does Coach Carroll.  

As part of my day with Coach Carroll, I sat quietly in the back of a coach's meeting with the USC football team just after their last game of the season when they were getting ready for a big bowl game.  The defensive coordinator showed films that could have been edited by an Academy Award winner.  There wasn't a wasted second scrolling for what they wanted to show.  Clip One:  "Look at that tackle - perfect set-up, perfect initial contact, perfect finish."  There were 20 more just like that.  Perfect this...perfect that...all captured on film from different angles.  Then the Offensive Coordinator and Special Teams coaches did the same.  More "perfect".  What impressed me was that there wasn't a single comment about what went wrong.  There were only a few clips where anything did - and when those popped-up, the comment was, "Hmmm, that's weird."  No slow-motion analysis, second look, or pause for reflection.  At the end of the meting, all Coach Carroll had to say was about doing well on upcoming final exams.   He said there was help available for any player who might otherwise lose academic eligibility.  He said, "I don't want to see a single one of you miss a chance of a lifetime to play on this team because you didn't do well enough in class."  

I've coached some World Champions - both teams and individuals.  I've always emphasized the positive - keep doing what works.  But after a day with Pete Carroll, who had had a zillion more successes than I have, I now ONLY focus on what works.  I (almost) never even mention what a student is doing wrong (unless it isn't safe).  "Hmmm, that's weird," is usually all it takes.  Then we practice being perfect.  

Coach Carroll gets players ready to perform in "the big game."  In some cases, your shooting skills might be needed for "the ultimate game" - when  your life is on the line.  I don't want to be melodramatic, but personal defense is why a lot of students take my classes.  I was an Army officer for 24 years.  My specialty was primarily combat training (not logistics or administration).  Two years ago I got a call from an ROTC cadet I trained at BYU.  I hadn't heard from him since he was commissioned in 1984.  He said, "Colonel Harvey, I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm alive today because of what you taught me."  Then he told me his experiences in three wars and later as a consultant who trained special agents for the CIA, FBI, and DEA.   He also did some undercover work with gang units.  As you can imagine, that was a great phone call.  And that's why I teach the way I do.  

Here are the FAQs


Q:  You've coached World Champions.  I've never held a firearm.  What can I expect?

A:  The fundamentals are the same regardless of your experience.  The athletes I trained were primarily swimmers and/or runners.  Almost NONE were shooters when I first coached them.  I have decades of experience getting folks to shoot very well with almost no experience.  If you are motivated - I can usually make you  better than most who have been firing for decades - often with your very first shots!

Q:  I don't have any firearms.  Do you furnish what I need?  

A:Yes, I have a large collection of firearms for students to try.  

Q:  How expensive is private coaching? 

A:   You can get the same training and coaching Roger gives to the United States Military Skills team for their World Championship competitions every year.  Private training is based on a preliminary assessment of each student's background, proficiency and personal goals.  Once each student's training objectives are established, both the shooter and Roger agree on a personal training plan.  Private coaching is offered as follows:

2 Hours = $125

3 Hours = $175

Full Day* = $200

*A full day is 4 - 6 hours based on the shooter's needs, attention span, and personal objectives.  Charges include range fees, targets, firearms rental (if needed) and ammo (when Basic Gun Safety firearms are used).    

Q:  What class do you recommend?

A:  That depends on your interest and experience, but most folks, including mid-career law enforcement officers and prior military learn A LOT in the NRA's Basics of Pistol Shooting course.  I teach "students," not "lessons."  That means we'll diagnose your skill and interest and go from there.  Read some of the testimonials on YELP from beginners AND from very experienced shooters.  Most are saying the same thing - "Roger focuses on the basics ... and they work!"